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Apache Samza 1.7.0 [Docs]

We are thrilled to announce the release of Apache Samza 1.7.0

Key Features:

Below is a list of key features that we intend to include in this release:

  • SEP-28: Samza State Backend Interface and Checkpointing Improvements
  • SEP-29: Blob Store as backend for Samza State backup and restore
  • SEP-30: Adding partial update api to Table API

Full list of the Jira tickets addressed in this release can be found here

Upgrade Instructions

For applications that are already on Samza 1.6.0, updating your dependencies to use Samza 1.7.0 should be sufficient to upgrade. For applications that are on version 1.5 & below, please see instructions for 1.6.0 upgrade.

Sources downloads

A source download of Samza 1.7.0 is available here, and is also available in Apache’s Maven repository. See Samza’s download page for details and Samza’s feature preview for new features.