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Announcing the release of Apache Samza 1.6.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of Apache Samza 1.6.0.

Bug Fixes:

In 1.6 release we fixed multipe issues and refactored some code. This includes correct shutdown flow for Kafka clients (and thus avoiding confusing error messages), consolidation of Beam and High/Low Samza launch workflow, and more. For applications that are already on Samza 1.5.0, updating your dependencies to use Samza 1.6.0 should be sufficient to upgrade. For applications that are on version 1.4 & below, please see instructions for 1.5.1 upgrade.

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Bug Fixes

[SAMZA-2595]( Updated MonitorService to use separate ScheduleExecutor for each monitor (#1434)

    SAMZA-2587 IntermediateMessageSerde exception handling (#1426)

    SAMZA-2593 Update task callback to store only necessary fields instead of the message envelope (#1433)

    SAMZA-2574 improve flexibility of SystemFactory interface

    SAMZA-2589 Consolidate Beam and High/Low Samza Apps launch workflow (#1428)

    SAMZA-2558 Refactor app.runner.class

    SAMZA-2424 AM should cache and serve serialized Job Model to containers (#1241)

    SAMZA-2584 Refactor ClusterBasedJobCoordinator (#1424)

    SAMZA-2585 Modify shutdown sequence to handle orphaned AMs (#1422)

    SAMZA-2439 Remove LocalityManager and container location information from JobModel (#1421)

    SAMZA-2579 Force restart feature for Container Placements (#1414)

[SAMZA-2598]( Kafka clients are not created and closed properly

Sources downloads

A source download of Samza 1.6.0 is available here, and is also available in Apache’s Maven repository. See Samza’s download page for details and Samza’s feature preview for new features.

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