Release Notes

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  2. Release Notes for Samza-0.14 version
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All Samza JARs are published through Apache’s Maven repository. See here for more details.

Source Release


Release Notes

  • SAMZA-1510 - Samza SQL
  • SAMZA-1438 - Producer and consumer for Azure EventHubs
  • SAMZA-1515 - Kinesis consumer
  • SAMZA-1486 - Checkpoint provider for Azure tables
  • SAMZA-1421 - Support for durable state in high-level API
  • SAMZA-1392 - KafkaSystemProducer performance and correctness with concurrent sends and flushes
  • SAMZA-1406 - Enhancements to the ZooKeeper-based deployment model
  • SAMZA-1321 - Support for multi-stage batch processing

Upgrade Notes

Configuration Changes

  • Introduced a new mandatory configuration - job.coordination.utils.factory. Read more about it here.
    This config is applicable to all Samza applications deployed using the LocalApplicationRunner (that is, non-yarn deployments).

API Changes

  • The following APIs in SystemAdmin have been deprecated in the previous versions and hence, replaced with newer APIs. If you have a custom System implementation, then you have to update to the newer APIs.
    • void createChangelogStream(String streamName, int numOfPartitions); -> boolean createStream(StreamSpec streamSpec);
    • void createCoordinatorStream(String streamName); -> boolean createStream(StreamSpec streamSpec);
    • void validateChangelogStream(String streamName, int numOfPartitions); -> void validateStream(StreamSpec streamSpec) throws StreamValidationException;
  • New API has been added to SystemAdmin that clear a stream.
    boolean clearStream(StreamSpec streamSpec);
    Read more about it in the API docs.