Getting Started

Checking out our examples

The hello-samza project contains several examples to help you create your Samza applications. To checkout the hello-samza project:

> git clone hello-samza

High-level API examples

The Samza Cookbook contains various recipes using the Samza high-level API. These include:

  • The Filter example demonstrates how to perform stateless operations on a stream.

  • The Join example demonstrates how you can join a Kafka stream of page-views with a stream of ad-clicks

  • The Stream-Table Join example demonstrates how to use the Samza Table API. It joins a Kafka stream with a remote dataset accessed through a REST service.

  • The SessionWindow and TumblingWindow examples illustrate Samza’s rich windowing and triggering capabilities.

In addition to the cookbook, you can also consult these:

  • Wikipedia Parser: An advanced example that builds a streaming pipeline consuming a live-feed of wikipedia edits, parsing each message and generating statistics from them.

  • Amazon Kinesis and Azure Eventhubs examples that cover how to consume input data from the respective systems.